Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Tonight= No New Episodes for 2 1/2 Months

I made these.

They pretty much sum up my feelings about the impending final-until-February episode that airs tonight. Not too thrilled, even though I knew it was coming. The show will return on Sunday February 12, 2012 and air the remaining 6 episodes of the season. It’s already been picked up for season 3, which I assume would happen after a summer of filming in Georgia like last time; meaning hopefully it would air sometime in the Fall of 2012.

Yup. Sucks.

I’m slightly more excited about the special, hour-long episode of Talking Dead that will be on tonight, though. The only downside I can see is that a whole lot of stupid fangirls will waste time asking Norman Reedus lame-ass questions he’s already answered in like, 5 interviews and saying how much they love him.I’m just pissed that being in the Pacific Time Zone means I never get to call in or participate live.

I emailed a question, though. Would be nice to get an answer since unlike half of the retarded shit that people ask about, like pregnant women being bitten, I actually have a good point. Which isn’t surprising since I usually do 😉 I’ll post it after everything goes down just in case of the extremely unlikely event that mine will actually be answered.

I’ll be back to write more after my world goes on hiatus,


Give me a kiss.