Heads Up: Header is up!

Just a little announcement to let you know that I finally finished the collage I’ve been putting together to create the header I wanted for the site.

You may or may not be able to see everything but it has pictures of things from Wonder-con and Comic-con: panels, cosplayers, autographs, me being a geek with people I got autographs from, etc. Things I own: dvds,  toys & action figures, gifts, comics, graphic novels, random shit in my room, posters,  & Nintendo stuffs. Plus a big assortment of pics of comics/characters I like, my favorite movies and TV and actors and such. You get the idea.

It’s over 450 images of things that I consider part of what makes me who I am; like a snapshot into the more pleasant part of my head and a summary in pictures (so 450,000 words) as far as the kinds of things you can expect me to talk about on my site.

I kinda dig it. I hope you guys do too.

Particularly those of you who are, you know, in it…