What Made “Crazy Mary” Crazy?

Probably Something YOU Did

I’m kidding; I’m sure you had nothing to do with it…or did you??

Actually it was the combined efforts of many people, primarily this group of jokers; maybe you’ve heard of some of them?

First up we have the author Michael Colbert, followed by artists J.K. Woodward, William Blankenship, and Ryan Sargent, then some guys named Tony Lee and Lou Anders, this Josh Finney character, and something called 01 Publishing.

And of course by “crazy” I mean “completely crazy-freaking-awesome.”

She might be the other type of crazy too, but that’s really something you should decide for yourselves.

Miss Maybe Mentally Mutilated Mary is a cyberneticly-enhanced bad-ass mercenary doing her thing in the New York City of the future. She’s burdened with hallucinations of a world on top of this reality which no one but her can see. She also has spirit guides who give her advice and what appears to be help along the way. Obviously the chick is nuttier than Charlie Sheen on PCP but if it helps get the job done does it really matter? Is she really just hallucinating or are the rest of us born blind and don’t know what’s really happening all around us every day?

Crazy Mary was originally seen in the pages of Digitally Webbing Presents in 2006 as a series of short stories and was never completed. One short story in particular called “Trail of Tears” was a project that artist J.K. Woodward helped create nearly a decade ago. (That would be before he was snatched by Peter David to do Fallen Angel and became all distracted working for the likes of IDW, Boom!, Top Cow, and Marvel.) That story is now going to become part of a full graphic novel entitled Factory Smoke and Acetylene Light, which will contain all of Mary’s collective adventures along with an additional 52 pages of new stuff- thanks to the efforts of Mr. Michael Colbert. Mr. Woodward, having always wanted to return to the mentally-unstable red-head from his past, signed on as an artist

Additional artwork will be provided by Blankenship and Sargent- two names you should probably familiarize yourself with since my guess is, given the quality of their work, you’ll be seeing them more and more often. In fact I’d say that original art by any of these guys is probably a good investment…there’s also new blood in the Crazy Mary storytelling in the form of Josh Finney. If you’re familiar with his art and writing via Utopiates or Titanium Rain then you know he will deliver something that is, shall we say, off the proverbial chain.

If you aren’t familiar with his work, um, well….sucks to be you. Sorry.

Well known among sci-fi/fantasy fans as well as a Hugo Award winner and both a close friend & mentor to the author, Lou Anders is adding an afterword to the graphic novel, which will also contain a forward by acclaimed Doctor Who writer Tony Lee.

“Tony has been a huge supporter of Crazy Mary since the early DWP days and a good friend to boot.” says Colbert. “I’m thrilled that he’s writing the forward.”

These both only add to what is already an incredible project, and should go well with was just added as an incentive to Kickstarter campaign.

That’s right; I said “Kickstarter;” which means this project and all of the hard work associated with it will come to naught if it doesn’t reach it’s modest monetary goal.

The Crazy Mary Kickstarter was created by Colbert to raise the funds necessary- $8,000- to finish the remaining stories and compile/publish/print the complete arch into one graphic novel. The campaign will run till May 14th and assuming everything goes according to plan, the completed book will be available in August. So far they have almost 20% of the funds needed with less than 2 weeks to go.

This is the part where you come in. *(See first line of article.)

You dedicated and supportive comic book fans are the people who make things like this happen by becoming project backers and by spreading the word through RTs on Twitter, Likes and Shares on Facebook, sending links to friends, and so on.

Join the ranks of people like Steve Niles, Rick Remender, ComicAttack.net, Bill Corbett, & Dave Dwonch and show Crazy Mary some love. Why? Because of the other word that goes along with “Kickstarter”: the one after “donation” and “backer” and “amount.”

I’m talking about “incentives” baby, and there are some great ones.

On top of things like having your name listed on the inside as a thank-you and receiving a signed copy, there are things like limited edition art prints and posters, shot glasses, cover gallery art books, commissions by the book’s artists, and most recently the mother of bad-ass one-of-a-kind collectibles for the right fan: an original page from the IDW miniseries Doctor Who/Star Trek due to hit shelves later this May will go to one lucky backer who supports the Crazy Mary Kickstarter effort!

Ah, incentives; because donating for the sake of supporting art and talented artists is a lot easier in these tough economic times when you get something awesome in return.

I want to see this Crazy Mary graphic novel happen and I want to see more of Mary herself. Maybe it’s because she reminds me a little of Typhoid Mary, who was also a step or two away from the Sane area of the playground and looked so cool with the whole half-painted-face thing going on. What’s with red-heads being cast as all looney? Is that a stereotype that I just wasn’t aware of; red-heads are supposedly batshit crazy-pants?

Hmmm…Well Poison Ivy is pretty wacky. Jean Grey has lost it a few times, too. 

The angel that Dean Winchester banged in the backseat of the Impala went all Glenn Close genocidal, and Detective Linden is at least a strawberry-blonde and everyone knows she’s spent some time walking around in elastic shoes.

Plus I was a red-head for a little over three years.

But then I’ve also had blonde, brunette, auburn, purple, blue-black with pink tips, black with a blue stripe and brown-black hair for various amounts of time, too.

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Crazy Mary graphic novel- right!

Well I’d suggest taking a look at the website after you scope out a few of the pages/images and the video I snagged for you. They have excellent previews of entire stories for you to enjoy and get a feel for the characters and the writing style, as well as bios and contact info for all the cool people involved that I talked about. So go look around at http://www.crazymarycomic.com before you head over to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1164327580/crazy-mary-graphic-novel and become a backer.

Another fun thing to comb through would be artist J.K. Woodward’s blog about Crazy Mary, http://jkwoodwardart.blogspot.com/2011/12/crazy-mary.html which is filled with pictures of his works and descriptions of his process. Lastly I also recommend listening to the Crazy Mary interview on Comic Geek Speak, http://www.comicgeekspeak.com/episodes/comic_geek_speak-1521.php which can also be found on the Crazy Mary homepage.

So spread the word about this barmy broad and help make her messed up double-reality a part of our messed up single-reality while helping to make the whole world a better place by giving all of us something to look forward to whilst dying in the staggering heat that is the month of August!

Still Doing The Same Thing Over and Over

Expecting Different Results,


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F#%&ing AWESOME New Avengers Trailer

You may have already seen the trailer for Marvel’s Avengers movie coming out this summer; for one it aired during the Super Bowl, plus it’s been online basically ever since. But if you haven’t than I wanted to provide an opportunity to check it out because it is the complete and total essence of all that is bad-assery.

I also wanted to put up my assortment of pictures that I’ve accumulated over the months: pics from on the set, movie stills, the gorgeous promotional artwork from Comic-con, a peek at what the action figures are going to look like once released, and so on.



And just as a reminder: there’s only a few more days left until the new episode of The Walking Dead premiers! You can bet I’ll have pictures and plenty to say about it- only I’m not sure how fast it will go up.

You’ll just have to forgive me too, because the reason for it is that my sister is having a baby in about….34 hours!

Aaaahh!! I’m so excited!!

So I’m going to be a little busy, even with my new laptop 🙂

-Dianthrax/Auntie Dee

*All Images and Video Courtesy of Marvel.com*

Oh Snap! Marvel Brings It With AVENGERS VS X-MEN

AVENGERS VS X-MEN: Only One Shall Be Victorious

Marvel Comics announced the April 2012 launch of what they claim to be “The biggest comic book event in history”: AVENGERS VS X-MEN. In what will be a 12-issue, bi-monthly limited series, the biggest names in the Marvel super-hero biz will be going up against each other in a clash-of-the-Titans style epic battle that, according to Marvel’s Editor In Chief Axel Alonso: “brings together the most powerful forces in comics for a super hero war like you’ve never seen before and will never see again. We all want to see the best of the best go against each other—Lakers & Celtics; Ali & Frazier; Yankees & Red Sox; and in comics it’s the Avengers fighting the X-Men. We’ve brought together the biggest writers, biggest artists and biggest characters for the biggest story we’ve ever told. This is the kind of high-octane action-packed story that fans demand while also having a profound effect on every character involved—and reshaping the Marvel Universe in its wake.”

They really are bringing out all of their big guns for the showdown, too. Acclaimed authors Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, Matt Fraction, and Jason Aaron are working with legendary artists John Romita Jr., Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert on project “AvX” to bring the battles that fans have always wondered about into paper reality.

Iron Man taking on Wolverine, Thor battling Cyclops, The Hulk smashing against Magneto, and your friendly neighborhood Spiderman fighting The Mistress of The Elements- who would come out on top? You have to admit that part of you is dying to see some of these fights; but what I’m curious about is what terrible conflict could force such great allies to a place where the only solution they come to is all-out war?

The only description Marvel gives is that The Avengers and X-Men have learned that the all-powerful Phoenix Force is on a crash course for Earth in search of a new host, and that a “shocking decision tied to the Phoenix’s return will pit the Avengers against the X-Men.” The synopsis also questions how this conflict will affect the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Well things always seem to go strait to Hell whenever the Phoenix comes to town. Maybe it’ll show up with another plan to resurrect Jean Grey in some kind of clone/android body and The Avengers are just so tired of her dying-but-not really-dying and dying-but-it’s-not-really-her-dying and dying-then-coming-back-again-anyway-dying that they just say “Enough already!” and throw down with the X-Men.

Personally? I think The Phoenix Force is causing trouble in reaction to a cataclysmic event of such powerful hype that it was felt throughout the universe. This event was called The DC Re-Boot and the damage left in its wake called to Phoenix and commanded that it travel to Earth and start a conflict between the most popular and attention-grabbing Marvel warriors: The Avengers and The X-Men. So a battle of such overly-large proportions as to justify changes in every aspect of the Marvel universe began, setting off another event of extreme hype with as-yet-unforeseeable but apparently massive consequences!

Let’s just hope the fights are as good as we expect them to be and the writing tells a story that isn’t blatantly obvious its only purpose is to set up and explain them. But honestly; how well written can it be when you have so many well-established complex personalities that are best experienced when we as readers live through the subtleties of their interactions and dialog all crammed into one giant conflict? In short: how can the essence of characters like Wolverine, Magneto, The Hulk, or Iron Man be adequately represented when you have all of them together and fighting each other and additional characters like Storm, Spiderman, Black Widow, etc? Then you have The Phoenix Force to deal with, and that’s always an indication of a convoluted plot. The whole story is supposed to be told in 12 issues, too. These are either going to be 12 of the most awesome issues Marvel has released in a very, very long time, or 12 issues telling the tale of the lamest publicity stunt by Marvel to date.

There is one little perk that I did think was pretty cool and worth mentioning: each print issue of AvX also includes a code for a free digital copy of that issue. I like things that are included free. More things should be given for free. Why don’t all comics come with that? Take note and work on that, publishers.

April 2012- the battle to end all battles, the most epic event in comic book history, the shit is going down!! Mark your calendars and prepare yourselves, my friends.

“I love the smell of freshly printed comic books in the morning!”


*Info & images courtesy of Marvel.com*

Posters for The Avengers Movie

By now you’ve probably heard about the upcoming Avengers film directed by Joss Whedon and starring pretty much everyone from all of Marvel’s movies over the last few years, and if you haven’t, well then you need to start talking to some cooler people and/or reading some better shit. (My site is an excellent place to start with that, by the way.)

I give you the first glimpse of the films posters, set as two 4-character banners featuring it’s stars:

The first shows Chris Evans as Captain America, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth as Thor, with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Tom Hiddelston as Loki, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow on the second. As you can see the film opens on May 4th.

It’s gunna be epic.

I’ll keep you informed.


Make Mine Marvel,


Robert Kirkman Autograph/Sketch Video

This is my random Robert Kirkman autograph video/pics thingy from Wonder-con 2011. There’s also some photos from his various works as well as Witch Doctor comic covers and the original zombie drawing he made me.

Additional media courtesy of Comic-con Magazine, Wonder-con, IDW, AMC, & Supernatural. With the song “Line of Blood” by Ty Stone, the music from the motion picture soundtrack of my favorite scene in “The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day.”

Yes THAT scene…
Best. Shower. Ever.