A Letter to All The White Knights…

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Dear Every Male who says that “rape culture” is something we all live with, that women live in fear and that men need to go to rape training.

Fuck You.

It’s bad enough other women keep trying to tell me that I should be afraid every moment of my life, I don’t need a self-appointed white-knight to convince me that I need them to protect me from other males. I’m an ADULT WOMAN. I can take care of myself thank you. I don’t put myself in situations that may lead to date rape. I don’t park my car in areas of town that might get me mugged. And I DON’T associate with men who are scumbags. The men I hang out with, and the man I married didn’t need somebody like you to tell them not to rape. They already knew that because they are good people.

If you really think…

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A Video “Tribute” to the Twilight Saga: What I Really Think

I’ve wanted to make something like this for a long while and I’ve had a version that I really liked ready for a couple of weeks, but since Windows Movie Maker totally sucks I had to re-do the whole thing and it didn’t come out nearly as well as the first version. Still, I’m reasonably proud of it & I think it gets my point across. Check it out- and please watch till the very end, otherwise you’ll miss what’s probably my favorite part! 😉

Little Intro: What To Expect

Basically the description for the page as a whole tells you what’s going to be happening here; and as far as getting to know who I am…

Well that’ll be hard to avoid for several reasons: for one my writing tends to have my very distinct personal style, meaning it’s about 70-98% opinion and messed up humor. I’m sure I’ll get around to filling out that “about me” section at some point, probably when I run out of fun parts to do and I’m able to think of something witty to say. Plus I plan on posting whatever I feel like with little to no censorship, so while the unifying theme is going to be comics, movies, TV, books, and so on, there’s bound to be a fair amount of videos, photos, and rants that are more personal in nature. Those will probably be about the things that piss me off or that I think are stupid, of which there are many.

It’s bound to be both an educational and enjoyable journey for the both of us!