Thanksgiving, Turkey, and The Zombie Plague!


by ZRS Staff

It’s commonly known that a drug in turkey meat, tryptophan, causes sleepiness after eating.  But because the tryptophan levels in turkey are no higher than in most other fowl, why don’t we feel just as tired after ingesting something as common as a chicken sandwich?  The effect has everything to do with what else we eat.

Ingestion of a meal rich in carbohydrates triggers the release of insulin, which in turn stimulates the uptake of amino acids into muscle, inadvertently increasing the ratio of tryptophan in the blood stream.  Nutritionist, Randal Farmer, continues: 

“Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner drowsiness is the result of a heavy meal rich in carbohydrates which, via an indirect mechanism, increases the production of sleep-promoting melatonin in the brain.”

Without our system’s preoccupation with other matters, tryptophan would have no impact, and this same indirect causation has been theorized to be a likely trigger of the coming zombie pandemic.

If the necessary ingredients for zombiism are already lying dormant in human beings, then the next undead outbreak may simply require another agent to come along and launch the nightmare.  A new strain of flu, bacterial outbreak from tainted food, or changes in environmental conditions may be what it takes to spark the end of the world.

More evidence that the zombie plague could strike at any time for any reason.  So don’t eat too much this holiday season; you need to stay alert!


*Note: This was an email sent to me from the Zombie Research Society Newsletter, to which I subscribe. I did not research or write this- though I wish that I had- I’m just sharing it.*

Read the original and other blogs by the ZRS here:


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Turkey, and The Zombie Plague!

  1. Hilarious and informative. I ‘ve just t finished reading Colin Whitehead’s Zone One, so I am quite up on zombies. Even better–zombies and roast turkey!


  2. hi to all dianthrax.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    regards speak again soon
    g moore


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