Little Intro: What To Expect

Basically the description for the page as a whole tells you what’s going to be happening here; and as far as getting to know who I am…

Well that’ll be hard to avoid for several reasons: for one my writing tends to have my very distinct personal style, meaning it’s about 70-98% opinion and messed up humor. I’m sure I’ll get around to filling out that “about me” section at some point, probably when I run out of fun parts to do and I’m able to think of something witty to say. Plus I plan on posting whatever I feel like with little to no censorship, so while the unifying theme is going to be comics, movies, TV, books, and so on, there’s bound to be a fair amount of videos, photos, and rants that are more personal in nature. Those will probably be about the things that piss me off or that I think are stupid, of which there are many.

It’s bound to be both an educational and enjoyable journey for the both of us!

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